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Price Center Video Connect Policies and Procedures
Revised 02/01/2017

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We now support and recommend Dimensions: (W) 1920 pixels X (H) 1080 pixels at 72 DPI

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University Center's Marketing Team

The University Centers (Price Center and Student Center) strengthens communications for the university community by broadcasting campus announcements and promoting campus activities through Video Connect, a system of video display monitors throughout Price Center East and West .*
As the community center of the campus, the mission of University Centers is to provide a welcoming environment to all students, meet the daily needs of the campus community, enrich student experience of campus life, and encourage members of the campus community to gather, interact, and exchange ideas and opinions.
All announcements broadcast on Video Connect must be in compliance with the UC San Diego University Centers mission, and must follow the Video Connect policies and procedures. The Video Connect Coordinator, Graphic Design Supervisor and the Assistant Director - Marketing and Programs assume responsibility for insuring full compliance with guidelines. Thus, in responding to requests to authorize a specific announcement, the Video Connect staff reserves the right to edit or delete the text, written or visual, of material submitted for broadcasting.
Video Connect Broadcasting Request Process
The process outlined below should be followed to request authorization for broadcast announcements.
1. Registered student organizations and UC San Diego departments wishing to broadcast an announcement must complete the online Video Connect Request Form. Finish reading these procedures before linking to the form below.
2. Broadcast announcements run for one week.
3. Requests must be submitted online at least two weeks prior to the scheduled broadcast. Since announcements run for one week, you must complete your submission at least three weeks prior to the actual event.
4. There are two submission options:

 Option 1: Submit a completed design meeting the following specifications:

  Still Format: JPG (you can send up to 3 JPG files for montage)
  • Dimensions: (W) 1920 pixels X (H) 1080 pixels¬ 72 DPI (this applies for all formats)
  • Duration: For memory reasons all ads will play 10 -15
(If you are providing us with your own artwork please stay with in those parameters)

 Option 2: Submit text only and choose one of the existing design templates

The Video Connect Coordinator will create or place the announcement, within the parameters of the Video Connect software, with review and approval from the Graphic Design Supervisor. Efforts will be made to communicate changes or text edits to the requester, when possible, given the constraints of time and resources. rces.
5. If your submission is not approved, the Video Connect Coordinator will notify you.
6. Broadcast is not guaranteed. The University Centers Marketing and Programs department and Video Connect Coordinator reserves the right to postpone or limit broadcast in the event of heavy volume. * Price Center West locations coming soon
Video Connect Policies and Procedures
Announcements may only be requested by recognized campus organizations and departments (e.g. registered student organizations, academic programs and campus departments).
All content advertised and broadcast must be related to the campus and to campus activities and events.
Content must be informative, courteous, accurate, fair and not defamatory. The University Centers reserves the right to edit announcements.
Announcements must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled broadcast, which is at least three weeks prior to actual event date.
Announcements CANNOT be related to alcohol, drugs, sex or tobacco.
Announcements CANNOT be personal announcements or classified ads (e.g., car sales, room or apartment rentals, etc.).
Announcements CANNOT be supporting partisan political purposes (e.g., political parties or candidates).
Announcements CANNOT be regular reoccurring events for student organizations (e.g., general body meetings).
I have read above policies